Hi there, my name is Jan Willem.

I love to code creatively, create stunning audiovisuals and make music.

Creative Coding and Web Development

I got into coding via PHP. From there I also started developing frontend web applications, with JavaScript, AngularJS, jQuery et cetera. I recently learned some Objective C and iOS programming as well as a wee bit of C++ for audio plugin development.

For me creative development is key. I strongly believe that well crafted software needs both: design and technology. It needs to work flawlessly and look great.

reisetreff24.de Frontend: Single page webapplication based on HTML5, CSS3/SCSS (Bootstrap) and Javascript (AngularJS/jQuery); Composed with Bower and Grunt Backend: REST-Api based on PHP and MySQL


I worked on different audiovisual projects, ranging from imagefilms to fictional shorts. I worked on concepts and scripts for customers like Sparkasse Gütersloh and Jowat Adhesives.

Additionally I had the chance to do production work for serveral projects. On set I worked as a unit manager and sound engineer.

With After Effects as a main tool I had the chance to do video post production for serval corporate movies and short films. I also do motion graphics. Using software like Reaper I create soundscapes to complement any imagery.


I love electronic (dance) music. And with Reaper and - amongst others - plugins from Native Instruments' Komplete I craft tunes myself. Genres range from ambient and classic soundtrack to hard dance music. My music has been used in documentaries and films alike.


Hello there, Jan Willem Henckel here.

I am 24 years old and from Lemgo, Germany. For the last 4 years I studied media production at the University of Applied Sciences in Lemgo. I work as a freelancer in web development, audiovisual postproduction and as production manager and sound engineer. Last year I gave a lecture in digital image processing at university.

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